There are some popular gambling movies in Asia which have very good reviews from the audiences and here are the top 5 Asian gambling movies that you might have watched before. If not, you are recommended to watch it.

Top 5 Best Asian Gambling Movies

Kaiji 2: The Ultimate Gambler (2011)

Kaiji 2 is a Japanese movie which is about Kaiji who has cleared his debt in the first movie and he returns to the same debt situation after a year. Kaiji starts playing pachinko, a Japanese slot machine to repay his loan but the machine is remotely controlled to prevent him from winning.

Tazza: The High Rollers (2006)

This is a South Korean movie which is about a guy, Go-Ni who lost all his savings in a Korean card game, Hwatu and he discovers that there is a setup which has been used against his gamblings tactics. Go-Ni started to find out the guy who cheated him and won back his money but it was not that easy and his adventures started here.

Conman in Tokyo (2000)

Conman in Tokyo is a Hong Kong movie which also known as Knight of Gamblers. This movie is about Jersy who claimed himself as the gamblers king hear about his idol’s news, so his girlfriend, Nancy decided to go Tokyo find his idol. They enter to a Chinese Restaurant and Japanese triads comes in suddenly to start fighting. When they are in danger, the restaurant owner come to save them with a special card and Jersy recognize this skill is Cool, his idol, the king of Gambler.

God of Gamblers (1989)

God of gamblers is a China-Japan movie, the main character of this movie is Ko Chun, international master gambler who loses his memory after an accident and he meets a street hustler and becomes friends.

Pale Flower (1964)

Pale Flower is a Japanese film about the adventures of Muraki. Muraki is a Yakuza Hitman who just got released from jail, he goes to an underground casino and meets Saeko. Muraki helps her when she is in bad company while gambling.

Movie is just an entertainment to allow you to explore gambling world and know the mindset of professionals and be inspired. If movie is no enough for you, you can join the live casino to explore more on the real casino.

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