Bull Bull also known as Chinese Poker which is a traditional poker card game popular in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang of China

Bull Bull Rule & Goal

Predict and choose the player(s) that will win banker and get highest card rank by betting double or equal. Double and equal is to determine the payoff amount if win and also the loss amount for lost the game. Please refer payout section.

Each player will received five card and the draw started based on the first card. Example: if first card is Ace, then the game start from banker; if first card is 4, then the game start from player 3.

Each players and banker select ANY 3 cards from the 5 cards, then sum up to make it multiples of 10. If cannot get multiple of 10, then consider “No Bull”. If can get multiple of 10, then sum up another 2 cards to get hand value either Bull 1-9, bull bull or 5 Gong/5P. Example:

Card Value

Card Rank



Card RankDouble of WinDouble of Lose
5P1 : 0.951 : 5
Bull Bull1 : 2.851 : 3
Bull 7 – 91 : 1.901 : 2
Normal1 : 0.951 : 1


Card RankEqual of WinEqual of Lose
5P1 : 0.951 : 1
Bull Bull1 : 0.951 : 1
Bull 7 – 91 : 0.951 : 1
Normal1 : 0.951 : 1

Game Flow

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