Chinese New Year is coming, have you started to clean your house?  Do you find difficulties while cleaning? Don’t worry, here are some cleaning hacks that might be useful for you to simplify your cleaning job:

Chinese New Year Hacks


  • Rusty Pipe
    • Use aluminium foil with some water to rub it
  • Mould
    • Use a towel to dry the surface. Put bleach on tissue, make sure the tissue is full of bleach, then place it at the mould area and let it sit overnight. Remove it the next day.
  • Mirror
    • Spray some vinegar on mirror and wipe it with microfibre cloth
Chinese New Year Hacks: house cleaning


  • Microwave Stain
    • Cut a lemon into halves and squeeze it into a bowl, put lemon skin into the bowl too. Add water into a bowl and place inside the microwave and heat it up. Once done, remove the bowl of lemon and wipe the microwave with a cloth
  • Sink
    • Spray all purpose cleaner(2 cups water + 1 tsp dish wash liquid) and pour some baking soda into the sink. Use toothbrush to brush tiny area and sponge to surface, rinse it with water and dry with cloth
  • Limescale in kettle
    • Fill vinegar into a kettle and boil it. Pour out the vinegar and rinse the kettle with water.

Living Room / Bedroom

Using the right way to clean your house will save your time for other preparations especially for this year where the Chinese New Year falls in January. Let’s ready for a prosperity year!

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