Lottery is one of the popular gambling games in Southeast Asia. Most of them like to buy lottery numbers no matter in what situation and the followings are the way that they predict the lucky numbers in lottery.

The way to predict lucky numbers in lottery

  • Personal Number such as identity card, birthday, phone number and more
  • Own Vehicle Plate Number
  • Address Number which might be house number, floor number, road number, block number or combine all the number to buy lottery 
  • Horoscope or Chinese Zodiac Lucky Number that predicted by master horoscope or Feng Shui in monthly or yearly basis
  • Praying. Certain prayers will burn the incense stick to get lucky numbers or use Kau Chim to communicate with their god to get numbers.
  • When some incident happened such as a car breaking down on the roadside.

All above are the ways that they find their lucky number, how about you? Or do you also find your lucky number in these ways?

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