Ride’m Poker is a card game in which a player combines hand cards with dealer cards to make high rank cards. Player can play up to 3 hands at once and each hand is required three equal bets.

Ride’m Poker Rule & Goal

Player’s goal is to combine hand cards with dealer cards to make high rank cards to win the bet. The player is required to place three equal bets in each hand. Players can choose to ride or pass for the first two bets. Player will ride to continue the bet and pass to take back the bet chip. After each ride or pass, the dealer will face up one card on his hand. To win the game, player must combine on hand cards with dealer’s cards to get card rank better or equal to pair 10

Besides, players also can place bonus/side bet to get extra bonus for cards ranked better or equal to three of a kind.

Card Value

Rank Description
Royal FlushFive cards rank from Ace to ten and same suit
Straight FlushFive cards rank consecutively and same suit
Four of a KindFour cards same value
Full House Three cards same value and two cards same value
FlushThree cards same suit
StraightThree cards in sequence
Three of a KindThree cards same value
Two PairTwo set of two cards same value
10s or betterTwo cards same value better or equal 10 

Game Flow


Ante Payoff
Royal Flush1 : 1000
Straight Flush1 : 200
Four of a Kind1 : 50
Full House 1 : 11
Flush1 : 8
Straight1 : 5
Three of a Kind1 : 3
Two Pair1 : 2
10s or Better1 : 1

Bonus / Side BetPayoff
Royal Flush1 : 20000
Straight Flush1 : 2000
Four of a Kind1 : 400
Full House 1 : 200
Flush1 : 50
Straight1 : 25
Three of a Kind1 : 5

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