Roulette is one of the popular game that found in casino because it is easy to bet without any skill needed.

Roulette Rule & Goal

Predict and bet the ball in roulette wheel fall into the number that you select

Type of Bet


Type of BetQuantityPayoff
Straight-up1 number35 to 1
Split2 numbers17 to 1
Street3 numbers11 to 1
Corner4 numbers8 to 1
Six line6 numbers5 to 1
Column12 numbers2 to 1
Dozen12 numbers2 to 1
Even18 numbers1  to 1
 Odd18 numbers1  to 1
Low18 numbers1  to 1
High18 numbers1  to 1
Red18 numbers1  to 1
Black18 numbers1  to 1

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