Super 7 Blackjack is a card game similar to Blackjack but it has an additional bonus to bet the first card, first two cards or first three cards that a player receives is 7. The highest payout of super 7 blackjack is 1 : 5000 and now is available online!

Rule & Goal

This game allowed the player to play up to 3 hands simultaneously. To win this game, player’s card must be blackjack which the cards total value is 21 or close to 21 but not over 21

Player can buy insurance when the dealer’s face up card is Ace which is to bet the other face down card value is 10. 

Card Value

Game Flow


Super 7 Side BetPayoff
First three cards 7s, same suit1 : 5000
First three cards 7s, any suit1 : 500
First two cards 7s, same suit1 : 100
First two cards 7s, any suit1 : 50
First Card 71 : 3
Ante Payoff
Blackjack2 : 3
Insurance1 : 2
Win1 : 1

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