In Chinese, they believe that if they do something, it will bring good luck and boost their wealth, and all these beliefs are passing down from their forefathers. Chinese also have some superstitions for gambling and that might sound funny to you but it is worked and strongly believed by Chinese.

Superstitions of Chinese in Gambling

  1. Wearing Red, especially red innerwear. Chinese believe red is the symbol of good luck and happiness.
  1. Do not count the money that you have gained or lost while gambling.
  1. Do not touch or hit their shoulder because this will hit away their good luck.
  1. No book or no one reads books around you because the book in Mandarin is called “Shu” which sounds the same as “lose” in mandarin.
  1. Do not gamble after seeing a monk or nun.
  1. Go to the toilet before starting the game to wash away bad luck, but do not go to the toilet if you are winning because this will wash away your good luck.
  1. Avoid unlucky numbers such as hotel room numbers with 4 or 14.
  1. Do not enter the casino using the main entrance because of the Feng Shui set at the main entrance.
Superstitions of Chinese : Wear Red Cloth

All of the above are the superstitions of Chinese in gambling. You may or may not try it, which depends on you but the most important thing is enjoy your games no matter in land based casino or online casino like

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