Feng Shui is a practice to work with a person and the environment around him. Home is a place that we mostly spent time on especially after covid-19 pandemic, most of our daily activities have moved to home based such as working, entertainment and more, so it is important to have a good Feng Shui at home to attract positive energy to improve you and your family’s luck, health and wealth.

Tips to Attract Your Wealth Luck

Without further explain the Feng Shui, let see how to use the Feng Shui principle to attract your wealth luck.

  • Place Feng Shui Money plant in house such as
    • Jade Plant – the round leaf symbolise good luck and good fortune
    • Money Tree / Pachira Aquatica – brings positive energy and good luck. 
    • Rubber Tree – natural air purifier that improve your health and bring energy
    • African Violet (Purple) – the round leaf symbolise wealth in Chinese and the purple colour represent prosperity in Feng Shui
    • Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Tree) – the round glossy leaf symbolises wealth in Chinese which brings financial abundance and good fortune
Feng Shui Wealth Luck Decoration

Welcome Your Wealth Luck

To attract good fortune and wealth, always be ready to welcome them by ensuring the house is clean and tidy. Test your luck after make rearrange your house at lmgbet.com now!

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